Cambridge Science Centre


Rocket Rumble with HackLab

Wednesday, March 13th 2013 from 12:00 PM
Cambridge Science Centre

Run by HackLab, this workshop explains how the machines we use every day aren’t magical or made by aliens, they’re just clever bits of metal and plastic that follow a programmed set of commands.


  • Workshop
  • Physics
  • Tech engineering
  • Engineering

We’ll take you through putting different machines together to create a system that consists of an output (the NERF gun), a processor (the Raspberry Pi) and an input that you design and build yourself using Scratch.

The command interface will be programmed in Scratch, which most students have used at school. The aim will be to create a fun and engaging interface, complete with personalised sounds, backgrounds and displays.

This 90 minute workshop is suitable for Yr 4 - 7.

Introductory offer of £100.