Cambridge Science Centre


Minecraft Matrix with HackLab

Wednesday, March 13th 2013 from 12:00 PM
Cambridge Science Centre

This HackLab workshop uses 3D geometry to explore the random, blocky, creative-sandbox world of Minecraft.


  • Workshop
  • Physics
  • Tech engineering
  • Maths

Build yourself a secret lair, then step into the Matrix and begin bending reality. We input Python to use the MinecraftPi API (Application Programming Interface) to take control of the very rules of the game and act like superheroes; teleport back to your lair instantly, build whole structures out of nothing in one click and zoom around on water like Iceman. Can you work out how to bend the rules enough to make the TNT explosive?

This 90 minute workshop is suitable for Yr 4 - 7

Introductory offer of £100.