Cambridge Science Centre


Drop a Beat with HackLab

Wednesday, March 13th 2013 from 12:00 PM
Cambridge Science Centre

Run by HackLab, delve into the realms of Mozart, MetaeX, Skrillex and Fatboy Slim using Ruby language.


  • Workshop
  • Physics
  • Tech engineering
  • Maths

We drop some fat beats using the incredible SonicPi, a program which turns your code into sweet, sweet music live and in real time.

Using the Ruby language, we explore musical scales, tempo and timing, composition and chords. Once we have a decent melody going, we dive into variables and threads by adding a chocolatey bassline and sampling a rapturous drum loop to create your own personal nightclub anthem, movie theme or game soundtrack.

This 90 minute workshop is suitable for Yr 4 - 7.

Introductory offer of £100.