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On The Road


Imagine a hands-on science centre in your local area ... well now the Cambridge Science Centre experience is going out ‘On The Road’.

A centre near you

Science centres are full of brilliant hands-on activities, but they are often in fixed town or city centre locations, sometimes making them hard to access. The Cambridge Science Centre exhibits have been designed to be portable and adaptable, which means our exceptional team can bring exciting exhibits, shows and workshops to your community!

The Cambridge Science Centre: On the Road transforms schools, shopping centres and even churches into pop-up science centres across the UK, providing an interactive science experience for all: education for children in local primary and secondary schools, an interesting alternative activity for adults in the evening, as well as a fun experience for all the family at the weekend. And for one whole week it could be on your doorstep.

The exhibits

Cambridge Science Centre: On The Road brings 16 exhibits from the Cambridge centre set into 8 display tables. Exhibits are themed around the Cambridge Science Centre’s exhibitions including Engineering, Perception and Space. From the energy needed to power a light bulb to the composition of starlight, our hands-on exhibits will allow students to get a real feel for a range of scientific principles.

On The Road exhibits

Our shows and workshops

Alongside our fun exhibits, the On The Road team run a variety of interactive shows and workshops covering a range of topics. Click on the links below to find out more.


Sonic Science

Spectrum Science



Go Ballistic!

Sailing Science

Sailing Science workshopThrough The Pinhole workshop

Contact us

If you'd like to find out more about what the 'On The Road' team can offer you or to make a booking, please send an enquiry to the email address below: