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Wow! A royal patron!

Written on 24 Feb 2014 in Blog

We are thrilled! Today we announced that the Duke of York is the Patron of the Cambridge Science Centre. The Duke visited us back in October 2013 during the opening week of our new exhibition called 'Perception'. He got to meet with the team behind the Centre, but mostly he enjoyed getting out on the exhibit floor with the children and families exploring the Centre's exhibits.

You can see some pictures from his visit here and here. And you can read our Press Release here.

Seeing the joy that our visitors experienced that day in the Centre, the joy children felt whilst learning all about science, put a big smile on The Duke's face. As did the surprise he got trying out our hand-cranked generator exhibit. It's quite something to really 'feel' the power savings you get in your house by switching to energy efficient light bulbs!

The Duke also liked the innovative way the Centre has been built. Our compact exhibition space lets us pop up our exhibitions in schools and town centres. The Centre is planning to roadshow its exhibition and shows in East Anglia and beyond, getting fantastic hands-on science out to lots of people that don't normally have access to it. Its a an exciting new programme, and our format is really innovative for the science centre industry. We just tested out our first travelling exhibition two weeks ago at a nearby primary school. The teachers and pupils loved it, and even the parents got to play around on the exhibits because we stayed open for a while after school. The Cambridge Science Centre 'On-The-Road' programme is a really exciting new development for us, and there's lots of interest in it: so much so we have our second trial run this week up in Ely! No rest for us, but we love it! (And we must note how much we appreciate the support of the Marshall Group who are sponsoring our 'On-The-Road' programme this year.)

Having The Duke as our Patron is a real endorsement of our team, our exhibits and our vision. We can't wait to get our fantastic hands-on science out to a whole lot more people, both in our region of East Anglia and beyond!

Chris Lennard, Founder & CEO of Cambridge Science Centre