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Spinning plates and fire bubbles

Written on 20 Jan 2013 in Blog

Today's post concentrates on the great training session we ran for our volunteers over the weekend. You can see a gallery of the photos on our Flickr stream. Not the best photos in the world but they where mostly shot on a mobile.

Elin Roberts ran a great session twice with our new set of volunteers, concentrating at demonstrating, hands-on science and presenting. Making use of things such as a Jenga set, some spinning plates, as well as vital experience of working at the Centre of Life

Of course this being a science centre it wouldn’t be complete without a bit of pyro fun. With Elin it involved setting fire to someone hand holding methane bubbles. Can’t wait till we have this on our own gallery floor.

What’s on the agenda for tomorrow – our first test school group!

Nuff said

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