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Panels and Procedures

Written on 19 Jan 2013 in Blog

So first off an apology, I am going to keep posting things about what is going on with us, but it was a very hectic for me/Gaetan on Thursday night and Friday. So writing up a blog piece dropped off the schedule… Sorry

Anyway we are back on it no worries -

More of our panels around the site have gone upand it is really starting to come together in terms of look and feel. See piccy.

Rosy and Gaetan have finished of Health and Safety for our site after many hours of trawling and writting. Thanks to the Sedgewick museum and National railway museum for sharing their content to help us draft our own.

We caught up with the porters at Jesus College who explained some of the local procedures for us.

We have also taken delivery of an exhibit fromRichard Ellam – which is an alarm clock in a bell jar. Any guesses what will happen to the alarm when the air is evacuated from the jar? See piccy.

Things happening today include the demonstrator training for our pool of science communicator volunteers.

That’s all for now