Cambridge Science Centre


Opening day is drawing near

Written on 10 Jan 2013 in Blog

Our opening on the 7th February is drawing closer all the time and the excitement is building. The team are all working flat out, but if ask them they’ll insist they’re really enjoying the process, even if it isn’t quite what they pictured when the idea for a Science Centre came together nearly two years ago.

Our CEO, Chris, has described it as “truly amazing experience over the past 18 months as the momentum has built.” He thanks the support we’ve received from sponsors, scientists and volunteers for providing us with inspiration and many brilliant ideas.

Events Manager Gaetan agrees that the process of developing the Centre from scratch has been the most eye opening, although he now knows far more about toilets than he ever wanted to!

That’s the great thing about opening a Science Centre though; the team are involved in every little decision from the ground up and to see that coming together to make a place where everyone can enjoy interactive and fun science is truly amazing. Or, as our Schools Co-ordinator David puts it, half the fun is getting to play with the toys alongside the visitors!

Ask the team what their hopes for the future are, and you’ll get an almost universal answer. We all want the Science Centre to create a legacy that celebrates the incredible research here in Cambridge, but also celebrates the discoveries of the past. It will inspire people to get involved in science, but most of all provide a fun and memorable experience that everyone can enjoy.

So on behalf of the entire team, we can’t wait to welcome guests into our new home, and hope you’ll join us on 7th February to mark the start of something wonderful for Cambridge.

Cambridge Science Centre Grand Opening: Thursday 7th Feb, 1pm- 5pm