Cambridge Science Centre


New exhibits for Extreme Engineering

Written on 19 Jul 2014 in Blog

Being a Year 10 student who has undergone a fortnight of work experience at the Cambridge Science Centre, I can safely say there is an abundance of fun, learning and excitement that awaits from the moment you step inside the centre.

The alluring exhibits, the numerous activities and the unique set up all provides an unforgettable experience - you’ll walk away with fantastic memories and increased scientific knowledge under your belt.

The introduction of the new theme, “Extreme Engineering”, has led to various new exhibits being imported, including the logic wall! My first impression was confusion - what am I supposed to do with some magnetic blocks connected by black wires on a metal wall? After getting it explained to me and having a go at it, I realised that it was a brain boggling binary game, that tested your ability to solve problems and wit to the limit. I would definitely recommend!

Another definite favourite of mine was Skyscrapers. The catchphrase, “How high can you build?” pushes a challenge to make the tallest possible “building” from the magnetic building blocks provided, then quickly measuring it against, the posters of the tallest buildings in the world before it all comes crashing down!

The earthquake tower provides a similar experience - only you need to make sure these buildings are resistant! The plaque that comes with informs you of the boundaries f the devastation of earthquakes and how to make sure that buildings are resistant to them.

Last, but most definitely not least, the horizontal wind tunnel asks you to build a small but strong car out of building blocks, and see how well it tested against being thrown against a wind tunnel!

Overall, I would say the new exhibits not only added to, but elevated the centre’s appeal and that the public were the most drawn to them all. Extreme Engineering was a definite success!