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Keeping you up to date

Written on 8 Jan 2013 in Blog

So with 30 days to go, what has been going on to with the team today?

Well we have been out and about quite a bit at all our various sites including our offices, Jesus lane and a trip to Fitzbillies (work related honest). By far the person who has gone furthest is Rosy – travelling all the way to Bristol to collect some exhibits from the Inside DNA exhibition from @Bristol and getting back in time to get them on site.

I have been sorting out a till in order to sell things. As I have mentioned elsewhere, knowledge of till systems was not something I thought I would be doing when I did my Human Genetics degree all those years ago, but somehow it has seeped into my brain.

We are also starting to get the Cambridge Science Centre listed on a whole range of websites – great work Alice – in order to get extra marketing and awareness. If you have any other suggestions please let me know.

Chris amongst everything else (and there is a lot!) has also found time to arrange for a little more painting of site – specifically the central pole and metal work in our space. Can’t reveal what colour it will be just yet but it is sure to be fabulous.

As with all of these projects while we are getting things ready for this exhibition, we also have to start thinking about what comes along next – which is why Katia has been busy writing grants today for what comes next.

David is continuing his work in developing the show and workshop content for our schools and public audiences. We will be getting a peak at them later this week. We will try to tweet you with some tantalising details.

Well that wraps things up for today, will write up another entry for tomorrow – enjoy.