Cambridge Science Centre


Happy Birthday To Us

Written on 14 Feb 2014 in Blog

Over the past year we’ve helped loads of people celebrate their birthdays with fun science parties, and now it’s our turn: the Cambridge Science Centre is one year old!

It’s been an action-packed year. We’ve welcomed over 21,000 visitors to the Centre, as well as over 60 school groups from around the county and even further afield, as far as Japan. Chris (our CEO) sums it up nicely: “just seeing kids and families enjoying themselves in the Centre makes all the hard work worthwhile”.

Here are some highlights…

We spent the summer holidays exploring engineering with our ‘Build It!’ exhibition, and both visitors and staff had a great time at our robotics workshops. This helped get everyone into gear for the ‘Chain Reaction’, when we filled the Corn Exchange with crazy contraptions that were all connected together to create one spectacular machine.

In October it was all change here at Jesus Lane, when we brought in our ‘Perception’ exhibition. We’ve been learning loads about our senses, but still have space for some old favourites. The wind tunnel and the ball run keep kids (and grown ups) occupied for hours!

The ‘Perception’ theme has also inspired a series of events just for adults, which explored what life is like for people with altered senses. These evening events, sponsored by the Wellcome Trust, have been a highlight for our staff too. Julia says that “having the mixture of scientists who research a condition and individuals who are affected by it has been really interesting, and the audience enjoyed being able to ask questions and hear different perspectives”.

One weekend we hosted a ‘take-over’, when we covered ourselves in mushrooms and mycelia to celebrate the first ever UK Fungus Day. This was great fun, Rosy recalls that “the Centre looked amazing and the public loved it”.

So help us celebrate the success of the past year by coming to visit us this week to wish us a happy birthday! We have a super exciting half term programme all about senses in the animal kingdom, which features some very special guests. And, since it’s a birthday party, we have balloons too!