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Forget the Big Bang, say hello to the Big Rip

Written on 17 Jul 2015 in Blog

Scientists have revealed a new theoretical model which suggests that the world could be heading for a theatrical cosmic finale equalling the enormity of the universe’s beginning; known as the Big Rip.

Scientists are fairly convinced that the universe began with a Big Bang around 13.8 billion years ago, which started at a pinpoint of incredibly high density and expanded to what we have today.

The new model suggests that as the universe expands, everything from galaxies and planets to atomic particles, even space-time itself, will eventually be torn apart before vanishing from view. There is no need to be immediately alarmed however: the dramatic sequence of events is predicted to take place around 22 billion years from now.

Researchers at Vanderbilt University in Nashville Tennessee, observed distant supernovae to examine whether the Big Rip theory, which was first suggested in 2003, was possible.

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Conflicting theories for how the universe will end, include the Big Crunch whereby the Big Bang reverses and the universe contracts, and the Big Freeze, where the universe slowly expands and eventually becomes too cold to sustain life.