Cambridge Science Centre


Final coat of paint

Written on 15 Jan 2013 in Blog

Gaetan has been drafting up the schools marketing campaign that will begin to be sent out to teachers across the region. Chris also got him to feed back on a draft spec for some of the staff the site will need when we open as well. More info on that to follow.

Not sure if you remember from this blog, but Gaetan has been doing some ordering recently and today his price gun arrived – all the better to start labeling up Chris. See right.

Alice has been going great guns going through the internet looking for places to list our site. If you have any suggestions they would be gratefully received.

Dave is going to head along to Makespace tonight to celebrate their opening in town. Many thanks to them for use of their facilities including use of a laser cutter! Sounds like fun.

And if there is one word the team loves above all others it is – Painting! There was more of it today and it has really made our centre look a bit special. We have painted all of the ironwork in the roof red (one of our colour palette’s red from the other day) and it has made the place come alive. David and Rosy were on site to supervise it happening.