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Extreme Engineering - Press release

Written on 22 Jul 2014 in Press Release

Families! Build and test your ideas this summer holiday as the Cambridge Science Centre celebrates engineering in its latest exhibition, Extreme Engineering, opening to the public on 24 July.

Among the attractions, visitors will get to discover how we build the world’s tallest and strongest buildings, how shrinking electronics is radically changing our lives, and how to go really fast (and slow things back down –including bullets!) The science of speed, construction and miniaturisation will be explored through brand new hands-on exhibits, amazing objects and lively science shows.

New exhibits and displays include:

  • A special Formula One display including an engine used by racing driver Fernando Alonso
  • A giant interactive wall which allows visitors to build simple electronic circuits
  • An ‘earthquake shaker’ to build, test and crash their structures
  • A display about how microchips are made, including silicon crystals and microchip wafers
  • A wind tunnel to test 3D printed shapes for their aerodynamic properties

Fuller details can be seen on our press release