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Exhibit building

Written on 11 Jan 2013 in Blog

It shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise that as we get closer to the date of us opening it is getting even more hectic. So catching up first of all with the exhibit building team they have been mounting computer monitors to modules that our exhibit tables can take. The exhibit that looks at sound and sound waves (‘Feeling Sound’) is getting wired up for some play testing.

They have also been playing with vacuum formers as well, hence the image to the right. If you think you know what it might be post it to our Facebook or twitter feed.

Chris is happy that we have got a colour palette (fromThe District) which we can use across our exhibits, marketing and gallery space. This is going to really help make our space lively, bright and vital. He also got interviewed along with Gaetan (me) by Chris Smith from the Naked Scientists at 18 Jesus Lane. Keep an ear out this Sunday for us on their show.

Speaking of The District, they have been great in providing guidance to Gaetan as well in relation to some of the overall look and feel of the some of our documents and retail items as well.

Katia has unfortunately been feeling a little under the weather, but despite this managed to read through all the historical A1 panels that will go up on our exhibit walls. This will then get bounced over to Rosy next.