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Cambridge Science Centre sparks innovative 60m Chain Reaction

Written on 11 Nov 2015 in Press Release , Press Mentions

Cambridge’s annual Chain Reaction event, organised by Cambridge Science Centre, is taking place

on Sunday 6th December, with this year’s theme set as ‘Destination Space’. The event aims to

transport you into a world of science, with a day of hands-on, fun filled activities for all ages.

At the event, 60 teams will each build a crazy contraption that link

together with the pull of a string – creating a spectacular chain that

weaves its way around the Cambridge Corn Exchange. The event

brings together families and children, local schools and Cambridge-

based companies to have fun with science and technology.

Two types of tickets are available: building tickets for those

interested in getting involved in the chain, and general admission

tickets for individuals looking to watch Cambridge innovation unfold

before their eyes.

As well as building a section of the chain, visitors can engage with

Cambridge Science Centre exhibits, experiments and demonstrations. Cambridge Member of

Parliament, Daniel Zeichner, will trigger the Chain Reaction and Cambridge Science Centre will award

prizes for the best contributions from the public, schools, and company teams.

Cindy Forde, CEO of Cambridge Science Centre, commented: “It is so important that we teach

children that learning can be fun and encourage them to explore the world around them. Chain

Reaction offers children a chance to enjoy themselves as they get to grips with a real engineering

challenge. It also provokes them to think about how the world is an interdependent system where one

part can't work if another is damaged. The event is also a fantastic opportunity for businesses around

the region to demonstrate to the next generation the endless opportunities careers in science bring.”

Also being launched on the day is a new consortium of Cambridge based organisations, all with a

shared mission to showcase Cambridge innovation. Titled Made in Cambridge, the consortium

includes the Cambridge Science Centre, Makespace, HackLab, Centre for Computing History,

University of Cambridge Syn Bio Lab, e-luminate Foundation and many more.

Pledging to act as ambassadors of Cambridgeshire excellence, the consortium will help develop a

flagship space in the very heart of Cambridge to tell the story and feature the innovations of

Cambridge - past, present and future.

Pippa Moss, Managing Director of HackLab, said: “Cambridge has fostered some of the world’s

foremost scientific thinkers over the centuries and continues this tradition today, conducting world

leading technological and scientific research, and pushing back the boundaries of human

“Associated with the likes of Newton, Darwin, Turing and Hawking, Cambridge is discussed across

the globe in contexts of quality, intellect and tradition, and this distinction also applies to things which

are ‘Made In Cambridge’. We’re proud to be teaching kids in the centre of technological and scientific

advancement in Britain, and we’re proud to be Made in Cambridge.”

If you are interested in getting involved in Chain Reaction on 6th December, you can start creating

your section of the chain at home, then bring it along on the day! For more information on the event,

how you can get involved and to purchase tickets, visit the Cambridge Science Centre’s website,

For more information about Made in Cambridge please contact Clare Green on