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Building an exhibit about ears

Written on 9 Jan 2013 in Blog

Well the exhibition team, mainly Dave, has been busy working on getting an ear model just right. It is looking rather lovely at the mo. Apparently the main problem is getting rid of some of the molding lines. I don’t think a cotton bud is going to cut it! Bring on the power tools. He’s also gotten quite excited at the prospect of a load of PCBs having arrived for connecting to someRaspbery Pis which we will use in our exhibits.

Gaetan (me) has had a day dealing in one way or another with the media, print and radio. Like most things press/media I can’t tell you much more at the moment – but all will be revealed. He has also been selecting what will be for sale in the shop as well. He is looking to order it all in the next couple of days, as to be honest Feb 7th is getting awful close now.

In relation to the content on our exhibit boards in the Centre – Rosy has had a busy day going through this. She has taken the work Alice has done and is editing it so that it can then go through the design phase. Getting something up on our walls isn’t a simple affair, especially since it is our opening and we want to try and get things as good as possible. She has also been doing a bit of tidy up with the DNA exhibits that arrived yesterday as well.

David has been working specifically on the Light and Colour show that will be available for schools. We are also going to aim to roll out parts of it for the general public whenever they come in – micro demos as it were. The team is going to see the latest iteration of it tomorrow. We will try to snap a picture of the best bits and post it up.

Enough from me and the team – we will write another update tomorow.