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Blast off! Youngsters enjoy Tim Peake-inspired space demos at Cambridge Science Centre

Written on 4 Jan 2016 in Press Mentions

Youngsters had a blast at the Cambridge Science Centre on New Year's Eve when they watched a series of demonstrations about Tim Peake's mission to the ISS.

From launching a rocket to experiencing life in microgravity, up to 50 people watch the show Destination Space: Join the Crew to find out more about his work and Newton's first three laws of motion.

Children and their families found out what life was like aboard the space station, the kinds of experiments Major Peake is carrying out during his six months in space as well as coming back down to earth

Volunteers even got the chance to have a go on the centre's hoverboard and take part in an experiment involving a water cooler container being launched across the floor.

Chris White, Science Communicator at the Cambridge Science Centre in Jesus Lane, said with Tim Peake going up into space, all things space-related had become more popular.

"It was a great day," she said. "It was nice and busy. There's certainly a buzz about it. Kids are really enthusiastic when they come into the science centre to learn about space.

"It's really important to try and get across to them, if you want a career in space it doesn't necessarily mean being an astronaut.

"You can be a mathematician, a computer scientist, an engineer, There's thousands of people behind Tim Peake who get him into space. Lots of people can make a contribution to different sciences that will contribute to the space programme."

Destination Space is part of a programme of events around the theme of space, lights and the study of the stars which are on every hour, on the hour at the weekends.

In the summer there will be a new exhibition, Life Sciences, which will involve a whole new series of events.

"We are an ever-changing science centre we're not static," added Mrs White. "We change once a year and in between that we have different events and different shows going on."

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Source: Cambridge News Online