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Astronaut takes the record for longest time ever in space

Written on 18 Sep 2015 in Blog

An astronaut has broken the record for the longest amount of time spent in space, leading him to be crowned the world’s most experienced space flier.

Russian born Gennady Padalka, 57, returned from his latest mission on Saturday 12th September. Upon his return from the International Space Station, it was recorded that he has spent a whopping 879 days in space throughout his career.

The previous record was held by Sergei Krikalev, who travelled up to space six times and spent 803 days in orbit and cosmonaut Aidyn Aimbetov. Six astronauts are still on the space station as part of a planned year-long stay in space, the longest tour of duty in the station's 15-year history.

NASA are using this mission to get better insight into how microgravity affects human physical and mental health and what countermeasures may mitigate any harmful effects.

If you are interested in finding out for yourself what it takes to stay alive in microgravity, head down to the Cambridge Science Centre’s COSMIC exhibition for an unforgettable space adventure.