Cambridge Science Centre


My Favourite Exhibit: Vowel Sounds

Written on 7 May 2013 in Blog

Vowel Sounds is a great exhibit, which always raises a smile with children. When they discover they can make funny noises by squashing the rubber ‘ball’ on the ground that feeds air through the rubber tube, it suddenly opens their eyes (and ears) to some some new scientific ideas.

They quickly grasp the principle that by stamping on the ball and pressing the tube into the different shaped plastic ‘voice boxes’ they can make different recognisable vowel sounds. Sometimes I get them to close their eyes and try and guess the vowel sound they can hear.

We have also noticed in the Cambridge Science Centre team that if you get visitors to gently feel their own throat and make the different vowel sounds themselves, they can feel their own voice box move around.

So next time you are in the centre you definitely need to go along and have a good stomp (and play) with Vowel Sounds.

Written by Zoe Lewin