Cambridge Science Centre


My Favourite Exhibit: Electricity and Magnetism

Written on 31 Mar 2013 in Blog

Ever wondered how the lights come on? Or how we make a washing machine spin?

The electricity and magnetism exhibits are probably my favourite at the Science Centre. Electricity is one of the things that mystifies people the most, even if we encounter it every day, from static shocks that makes your hair stand on end, to mains electricity that powers our modern world and bolts of lightning.

The exhibit is great because it takes us from the first steps of discovering the link between electricity and magnetism, waving a wire in front of a magnet and vice versa, and then applies it to the motors that we use every day, and the generators that make the electricity at the power stations. It even lets people try to power lights to see how hard it is - something for the kids to think about next time they leave the lights on!

I really like how the motors and the generators have also been cut away and stripped back to their bare essentials. Showing that there are no tricks and nothing is being hidden from them when we tell them how to make them work.

Written by Jatinder Sahota