Cambridge Science Centre


My Favourite Exhibit: Ear Model

Written on 26 Apr 2013 in Blog

My favourite exhibit came as a bit of a surprise to me - with all the high tech exhibits here, it is the humble model ear.

Our hearing is something that we take for granted so, for many people, taking apart the model ear, and seeing the complexity of the structures inside is quite a surprise! Several times now I have been asked about all the bits and pieces that are inside the model and I have enjoyed explaining how they all fit together to enable us to hear. The balance function is often a surprise to people, too, again not something we ever really think about, while it’s working properly!

It’s also useful and interesting to be able to link in with some of the other exhibits - where you can feel and see sounds.It is a way of thinking about sounds and hearing that people often haven’t thought about before. Alongside this the ‘How to hear with a hammer’ article helps us link structure and function. This is of particular interest to me as I am soon to have an operation on one of the tiny bones in my left ear to restore full function!

So there you have it, sometime it’s the simplest things that can end up the most interesting.