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Written on 16 Jan 2013 in Blog

One small victory today was in the world of Twitter – where we finally went over 500 followers. It is the small victories like this that makes all that social media work worthwhile! Speaking of communicating with people, Alice has been going great guns getting our schools leaflet into envelopes ready to send. See left.

Dave has been busy in the workshop working on the ‘feeling sound’ exhibit. I think we showed you some of the Raspberry Pis that will power it last week.

Katia has been working with the University of Cambridge Vet School to source some X-ray’s of animals as well as a range of other unusual objects. These are going to be part of an exhibit as well on our gallery floor: that is going to be very exciting.

Rosy has had a less than thrilling day documenting risk assessments for the exhibits and shows. Gaetan (me) shares her pain in this as well, as he has been doing some as well.

David and Tom have been putting up more panels and getting some of our wall panels fitted with hinges to access our cupboard space around the Jesus Lane site. Not everything in the gallery space is quite an even level!

We also took delivery of foam squares, folding chairs and desk chairs.

That’s all for today – ‘Til tomorrow