Cambridge Science Centre


Our Mission

We are a registered educational charity guided by three main principles:

To develop and host exhibitions, events and outreach programmes which advance education and inspire young people to engage with science and technology.
To provide a physical and online hub for public engagement with scientific research. To enhance the public understanding and debate around public policy and ethics related to scientific progress.
To deliver targeted outreach and travelling exhibitions that will improve access to science and technology for underserved communities around Cambridgeshire and East Anglia.

The role of a public science centre

Science centres are institutes of informal science education which directly engage the public and help extend curriculum teaching. There is about one centre for every 1 million people in the UK. They are a place for families to play around with science and they help inspire individual self-guided learning. Science centres offer an environment which can showcase research and be a dynamic place for experience sharing. As part of the UK science centre network we aim to be:

Inspiring teachers, pupils and the next generation

As an educational charity, the Science Centre in Cambridge will help establish the value of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) as vital skills for day-to-day life and future careers. The centre also develops cross-disciplinary programmes, stocks teaching kit and hosts sophisticated scientific assets to supplement resources currently available to teachers. We aim to curate high quality, curriculum-linked online content from multiple sources to enhance the in-class experience. School groups are able to interact both directly on-site and through online forums with staff who are experienced in enhancing curriculum learning.

To ensure that our impact reaches well beyond those able to visit central Cambridge, we have developed an extensive science outreach programme, delivered both directly and eventually through partners. All of our on-site exhibition space, our mobile exhibits and our school kits will be brought to life with lively chats, intriguing experiments and amazing demonstrations. The centre hosts regular events for teachers and educators to help share best practices and enhance the classroom experience by injecting informal learning techniques.

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