Cambridge Science Centre


Mandy Curtis


Product Development Officer

I always wanted to be a “scientist” without really knowing what that could mean!

I did a degree in Biology while working in the pharmaceutical industry where I stayed till I had my children. Once they were at school I got a job as a school laboratory technician, which I still do now, and I love. I have developed my job so that now, whenever there is a practical demonstration to be done in the classroom, I am the one who does it! I also run the STEM club at school where we get to try out idea that are outside the curriculum or that would be impractical to do in larger groups.

It was through the STEM club that I heard about the Cambridge Science Centre and, when I saw the advert for Science Communicators, not only was I excited about it, but I was encouraged by other people to apply.

I love being able to talk to people and show them things that perhaps they hadn’t realised, or had forgotten for a long time, or to get them to think about things in a way they hadn’t before, and hopefully to realise that science is all around us and not hard or scary at all!

  • Tim Peake Landing Party

    Celebrate Tim Peake returning home to Earh after his successful mission on the International Space Station. Tim is scheduled to land on Saturday 18th of June and we will have some out of this world activities throughout the day.