Cambridge Science Centre


Lynne Harrison


Science Communicator

I remember when I was very young asking my Dad how EVOstik 'stuck' things and why it smelt so bad. I was always asking such questions (though my Mum asked me not to distract my Dad from his DIY jobs so much.....), I always wanted to know 'how things worked'.
Later, at school, I became more interested in biology than glue, but my interest in chemistry stayed with me, so biochemistry seemed the obvious thing to go on to study. I was lucky enough to go into research, to investigate neurotoxins in chickpeas (not the sort we eat now!) and then to try to find out what a newly discovered and seemingly widespread class of small animal sugar binding proteins actually did. Sadly I didn't solve this puzzle but in my defence it still isn't clear nearly 25 years later.
We took some time off to go travelling around the world with our children, giving them a taste of a rather different life in New Zealand for a while and when we returned to Cambridge I went to the University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education at Madingley Hall as a science tutor. Here I spent many happy years, developing the University Science Festival, building up a programme of science courses for the general public around the region and introducing online learning to support our part-time students.
I took an early retirement to travel some more and now back in Cambridge I am delighted to have the opportunity to join the staff of the Science Centre to get back to hands on science communication. Throughout my life I have asked questions, studied, 'done', taught or talked about science and I am now loving the opportunity to talk to visitors of all ages about those endlessly fascinating' Hows' and 'Whys'.