Cambridge Science Centre


David Haines


Hi, my name’s David and I work as a Trainee Exhibit Engineer, which basically means I help Dave Ansell make and maintain cool and informative exhibits for our visitors to enjoy.

Before working at the Science Centre I studied Ergonomics, which when roughly translated means “the science of work”, (although it is better known as Human Factors design). During my studies I often worked as a children’s entertainer, and so subsequently decided to go in a completely different direction and became a Science Outreach Officer as it offered the best of both worlds requiring the deliverer to be both educational and entertaining in order to be engaging and create as many memorable moments as possible.

I believe we are living in one of the most exciting periods of history, with new discoveries being made every day and new forms of communication allowing greater collaboration than ever before. Schools can sometimes be heavily restricted in the activities they can do, but thanks to the assistance of Science Centres and Outreach Officers, the excitement of Science can be displayed in all its glory to encourage and empower future generations to solve any problem, whether on the scale of climate change, or simply being able to make an informed decision as to whether a particular brand really is any different to its competition.