Cambridge Science Centre


Carlton Brady


Outreach Communicator

Carlton is a biologist by trade. He has a fascination with food safety and security issues, particularly those relating to the population growth, the changing environment and animal and human health.
Studying biology Carlton was inspired by whole systems from his time spent in Ecuador where he studied Andean plant growth forms. This interest has persisted and shone through when he worked as an Assistant Environmental Officer, with the Middle Level Commissioners, helping to conserve and manage the Fenland wetland habitats.
Stirred with optimism Carlton wanted to make a difference so went on to study Social Marketing where he learnt techniques that encouraged behaviour change for societal betterment. This involved running the Future of Foods programme, where he taught Cambridgeshire secondary school children the issues with current food system practices and made them aware of future technologies that will impact modern lives.
After time spent working in At-Bristol Science Centre, where he learnt a trick or two, Carlton has joined our On-The-Road team helping to reach and inspire communities across East Anglia.