Cambridge Science Centre


Cindy Forde


Chief Executive Officer

I think the most potent forces for good in this world are creativity and imagination.

Hands on adventures in science enable children not only to explore and understand how things work, but also how they themselves work, the potential they have inside themselves to invent, discover and make a positive contribution to this world. As we push Earth’s bio-physical boundaries to limits that risk the sustainability of human life, understanding how to live as responsible custodians and inspired creators is vital knowledge for every citizen on our planet. Acquiring this knowledge is empowering and can be great fun. It most certainly is at the Cambridge Science Centre!

With a background in the creative and communications fields I have spent almost 20 years working internationally with organisations endeavouring to make positive change. I have worked with leaders across sectors including the UN, government, NGOs, finance, business, technology and education. I have an MSc in Sustainability and Business