Cambridge Science Centre


Abigail Harter


Science Communicator

Young children have all the skills needed to be scientists: energy and enthusiasm; an inner drive to explore the world; unbounded creativity and imagination; and an amazing ability to focus fully on the present.

Childhood experiences led to my lifelong interest in science. Although formal education was important, everyday experiences with my parents were influential in my choice to work in science. Places like the Cambridge Science Centre seek to foster this special kind of learning that only happens when children have the time and space for hands-on experience of scientific phenomena, alongside their parents or carers.

I began my career in science as a researcher in Evolutionary Ecology. After taking a break to start a family, I decided to move into a slightly different area. I began a work internship in software development with a small, startup genetics company. However, being with my little boy also made me realize that I very much enjoy working with children. In addition to my bioinformatics internship, I am now a Science Communicator at the Cambridge Science Centre, where I am inspired by our younger visitors’ love of exploration and talent for discovery and our older visitors’ willingness to get involved and have fun.