Cambridge Science Centre



Cambridge Science Centre is a venue for exhibitions, shows, workshops and talks: a place in which to discover, to create and to learn. It acts as a gateway into some of the amazing scientific research in this great city and from around the world.

Every year we host the annual engineering extravaganza, Chain Reaction. At this spectacular event , families, schools and local companies will get stuck into building a huge chain of crazy contraptions that launch one another around the room and across the stage.

We are a registered educational charity providing a permanent interactive public science centre for Cambridge, UK.

Our Mission

Every year we hear in the news about funding cuts for schools and restrictive safety measures preventing science experiments in classrooms. We believe that by providing educational outreach to local schools, we can ensure that students are able to engage in scientific experiments in a safe environment which is a complement to in-class curriculum. The ability for children and teenagers to engage in interactive hands-on science could change their lives and help inspire scientific innovation for our future generations.